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Powerchairs (also known as electric chairs, automatic wheelchairs or power-chairs) are great solutions to help regain freedom and independence.

Deciding which product may best fit your needs and lifestyle is essential. Our Quantum Rehab power chairs usually require an assessment by our qualified staff to ensure that they are suitable for our clients.

Who uses a powerchair?

Our Powerchairs are used by those who no longer have the ability to use a manual wheelchair and are designed for daily use and incorporate many features including pressure relief, anti shear backrests, lower, recline and raise functions to allow repositioning at the touch of a button. Our Quantum powerchairs can be modified for use with patients with serious medical conditions. See our article about the use of powered wheelchairs for those with medical conditions.

For example, suppose you need mobility assistance both inside and out of your home to perform your routine acts of daily living. In that case, a Power Mobility option may be the best choice to regain your mobility. Not only will you be able to get around more easily indoors, but the powered chair will also give you the freedom to spend more time with your friends and family.

Our Quantum Powerchairs offer the latest technology available today and each chair can be individually customised to best support the user, they can be modified to include various mountings for additional items such as oxygen bottles, ventilators and more.

Most Quantum powerchairs will need an assessment before purchase to ensure the correct fit and functions. Contact us if you require a FREE assessment for a Quantum Powerchair

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